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Alice Margatroid

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Alice Margatroid
Alice Margatroid
Alice Margatroid em Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Marionetista de Sete Cores
Mais Títulos da Personagem
Espécie Maga, antigamente humana>
Habilidades Magia, Manipulação de bonecas
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Alice Margatroid (アリス・マーガトロイド Arisu Māgatoroido) é uma maga que controla bonecas, vivendo em sua casa na Floresta da Magia próximo a casa da Marisa Kirisame. Segundo o comentário de ZUN na sala de música de Perfect Cherry Blossom, Alice é um tipo de personagem especial pro Touhou Project.

Informação Geral

Alice fez sua aparição pela primeira vez no quinto jogo de PC-98, Mystic Square, sendo a chefe do Estágio 3 e Extra. Mais tarde, com sua aparência remodelada, ela apareceu de novo no terceiro estágio do sétimo jogo Perfect Cherry Blossom e como personagem jogável emImperishable Night, após apareceu como parceira de Marisa Kirisame em Subterranean Animism. Ela é uma personagem jogável em Immaterial and Missing Power e Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, e como chefe final do cenário da Cirno em Touhou Hisoutensoku. Adicionalmente, ela é um alvo no estágio 3 em Shoot the Bullet e também fez uma aparição no fundos dos cenários de Hopeless Masquerade.

Ela é uma maga youkai pura onde vive em uma casa estilo ocidental na Floresta da Magia sem pontos fortes ou fracos em atributos, mas ela fundamentalmente luta usando suas bonecas que ela mesma criou. Com uma personalidade que é indiferente de coisas pessoas, ela é anexada à magia, e é geralmente confiante, mas também é tímida em um aspecto.[1]

Durante o canon PC-98, ela viveu no Makai, nomeando a si mesma de "A Maga do Makai" e teve um livro preto que ela o chamava de "Grimório de Alice". Makai foi criado por Shinki, juntamente com seus moradores. Ela também é uma maga que controla bonecas. Ela também criou seus próprio "Mundo das Maravilhas" no Makai. Contudo, segundo ZUN, apesar que a Alice do PC-98 e a Alice atual são as mesmas parsonagens uma vez, Alice of PC-98 and the present Alice are the same character for once, ele também disse que o canon do PC-98 foi varrido e que não há absolutamente nenhuma conexão em termos de história, o que deixa claro a respeito de exatamente como seu canon se reflete isso. Embora não esteja claro, isso é tudo que ZUN disse.


Em seu perfil em Imperishable Night, ela diz ser uma maga, como uma espécie, ao contrário de Marisa, que é uma humana que usa a magia.

Em Mystic Square, Alice aparece como uma residente do Makai e refere-se a Reimu como uma "humana", Alice appears as a Makai resident and refers to Reimu as "human", o que implica que ela não pode ser a mesma no canon PC-98.


According to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, maybe since she was originally a human, even as a youkai, she has high understanding and friendship level to humans and presents a low danger level, and if someone gets lost in the Forest of Magic, she also gladly gives shelter upon arriving at her house. However, Alice's house is covered all over with dolls, and since she is not very eager for conversation, it seems like visitors immediately flee when there is something eerie.[2][1] When she showed her hospitality was in Immaterial and Missing Power, when she led Sakuya Izayoi out of the forest, who had become lost. [3]

In chapters 5-6 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity, the Three Fairies of Light accidentally arrived at her house, and Alice was hospitable to them, providing tea and cake. She seemed caring with the fairies. However, Sunny Milk attempted to lie to Alice, but accidentally blurted out the truth instead. Among her ramblings, she mentions that she's looking for a magician with a grimoire that "shines wonderfully with all the seven colors of the light". Alice does not deny this to be false and became very angry. It is possible this is the in-universe explanation for her title, "Seven-Colored Puppeteer".

The Japanese bullfinches (called uso (), a homophone with "lies") saw through the aforementioned lie of the fairies, and as "birds that peck at all lies said until now," a large group of them came flying to the window, and as opposed to how the fairies were severely pecked at, Alice was saying, "ufufu... so, how does it taste?" while nonchalantly providing a cracker to the bird. Thus, it could be said that Alice does not tell lies.

She's attached to magic, but she is indifferent to other people. She doesn't perform the usual act of attacking humans, but she unexpectedly likes fights and upon challenged to battle, she gladly accepts. As she manipulates a great number of combat dolls, the fight is compelled to be highly outnumbered, making a difficult battle inevitable, but since she has her hands full with manipulating the dolls, that is her weakness.[2]

She's an indoors type who was often alone,[4] but in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, the range of her place of activities is "any kind of place" in Gensokyo, she performs her share of intermingling with the village, appearing in front of people in times of festivals to exhibit her skills with dolls. In each ending of Imperishable Night and Immaterial and Missing Power, she participated in banquets at the Hakurei Shrine. In addition to things like "the frog dolls being popular," there have also been expressions that indicate that her dolls are well-received in the village. She also said things that hinted that she sometimes visits the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.[5]

Just like Marisa Kirisame, she has an obsession with collecting things, especially magic items. Although this is an area that could be thought of as an area of commonality between them, there has not been a single depiction that would suggest that she had anything stolen from Marisa.

Ability & Strength

Alice Margatroid, as illustrated in The Grimoire of Marisa.

In danmaku, unlike Marisa, She does not find it enjoyable to win battles with overwhelming power and is more interested in strategy, so she usually fights with power that is a little above that of the opponent and always holds back even if it means losing. It is because if she were defeated using her true strength, then there would be nothing left afterwards, which resembles Reimu Hakurei.[6] It is unknown if this is fundamental to her personality, or if this is simply something she judged as an efficient strategy that her secret skills should not be shown.

Related to this, in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, among the 15 characters, she did not have a cost 5 spell card, which might be an example of not showing her true strength. However, in Touhou Hisoutensoku, a cost 5 spell card was added. In the first place, since in Imperishable Night, she had a Last Word just like other characters, which were supposed to exemplify each of the characters' full strength, it does not mean that she never displays her full strength (with an appropriate spell card) no matter what the situation. On the other hand, it could also be that her last word spell card The Phantom of the Grand Guignol was actually still going easy.

In Immaterial and Missing Power, she kept avoiding the really strong characters[7], not fighting those like Remilia Scarlet and Yuyuko Saigyouji, spending her efforts to get to Suika Ibuki. It is unclear what state of mind she had at that time to do such a thing. Incidentally, it was the same in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Concerning this, she succeeded in her goal when she met Sakuya Izayoi, Patchouli Knowledge, and Youmu Konpaku, as she judged that it would a waste of effort to meet Remilia and Yuyuko, but she did engage in a battle with the powerful Yukari Yakumo. Additionally, she felt comfortable testing her Goliath Doll on Cirno in Touhou Hisoutensoku.

During the PC-98, she obtained the "Grimoire of Alice", a book that produced "the ultimate magic", and it seems like it would contain amazing magic that couldn't be used without reading it.

Handling dolls
Alice with her dolls, as illustrated in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.

As her specialty is making dolls, she is also able to manipulate a great amount of dolls at the same time. This skilfulness is among the finest in Gensokyo.[1] She is able to make her dolls move pretty much any way humans can, and other than that she can make multiple dolls perform different actions, sometimes making them cooperate and sometimes making them move completely asynchronously, such that to onlookers around her, it might not seem like she is manipulating them. Due to this, Marisa Kirisame commented that "she said that she controls all the dolls herself, but that sounds like a whopper". Also, the dolls are also able to manipulate other dolls, but it seems like she does it all by herself only when it comes to the task of creating the dolls.[2] In chapter 5 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity, she gave a command to a doll orally, but at that time she was indoors while at the same time there were at least 12 dolls above the roof removing snow, and there were also some dolls inside the room cooking. At that time, the dolls have been portrayed as having emotion, in a cute way.

Although in common perception, it would seem obvious for the dolls to be able talk, but there has been no public allusions related to the presence or absence of the dolls conversational ability. In some official material however, like Imperishable Night's Prologue and Strange and Bright Nature Deity chapter 5, Alice's dolls appear to be able to act and talk independently – someone adds in words in hiragana to Alice's words. In Marisa's B Ending in Subterranean Animism, it has been confirmed that the dolls do talk in katakana. Whether the dolls are talking due to manipulation by Alice or if half-automatic dolls are talking by themselves is a big mystery. However, according to her Perfect Memento in Strict Sense article, she hasn't yet succeeded in creating an independent doll, and a conversation between Marisa Kirisame and Rinnosuke Morichika in Curiosities of Lotus Asia chapter 16 suggests that Alice just controls the dolls and pretends they are alive for her own amusement and for showing off, but these talks were before the latter said game.

According to Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, her objective is to make a completely autonomous doll that have their own thoughts and move by their own volition. Currently, when Alice gives a command to her dolls, they move as if they were autonomous, but she has to periodically give commands to them, and moreover it seems like she has not have had enough training in order to achieve it. In Touhou Hisoutensoku, she unleashes a move called "Semi-Automaton|automaton". Because of that, it can be seen that the degree to which the ordinary Alice manipulates the dolls is clearly not all by herself. In order to perfect a completely autonomous doll, Alice does experiments, and the link to that with the "soul" is detailed.

However, according to her conversation with Youmu Konpaku, it was said that "the strings that attach the body and soul are the same as the ones that control dolls". If this is originally considered, then it could be asked, "isn't that which was put into the dolls Alice's own spirit?". It is not explained, for the dolls that she is experimenting with, if she needs to periodically give them magic power or if they are just fine without, and if they will move even if she does not give them any commands at all. However, in Touhou Hisoutensoku, Alice did say "it seems that it's more convenient to control the dolls myself than have dolls that think on their own".

Among Alice's famous skills, if the explanations of "Edo High-Explosive Pawn" and "Lemmings' Parade" are looked at, she also prepares her dolls for explosives. In Subterranean Animism, it seems that the dolls that she lent to Marisa Kirisame have been prepared with gunpowder, and due to this she objected to Marisa since they wouldn't survive in the Hell of Blazing Fires. Certainly in the game, the dolls didn't randomly explode. Also, in Magic Sign "Artful Sacrifice" as well as the skills "Volatile Doll", "Doll Cremation" and so on, she is able to put in magic power into the dolls to make them explode. It's unclear what the relation or difference is between the dolls that use gunpowder and the dolls with magic power put into them. One Lemmings' Parade consumes an enormous number of dolls, and since all the dolls are hand-made by Alice, to ordinary people, it would seem that without reason she returns her hard work to waste in an instant. However, it could be questioned as to whether Alice really adopted such a bad technique for such efficiency, and there is also the consideration that the dolls could merely be creating a blast from their explosion without scattering and dispersing, so that they are able to be collected again.

Phantom-seeing power

Other than manipulating dolls, it seems that Alice has high phantom-seeing power, and in Imperishable Night's extra stage, she saw through that Fujiwara no Mokou was not actually living. In Perfect Cherry Blossom's Afterword, it has been written that "something that can't die isn't really alive". In addition to Imperishable Night, she saw through Keine Kamishirasawa's true form and also saw the invisible light from the full moon.

Also, perhaps because of her high phantom-seeing power, or perhaps because her phantom-seeing power has increased, in Immaterial and Missing Power, she was taught how to recognize the previous life of Youmu's half-phantom, and mastered it.

Character Basis

Name and Origin

Her full name is Alice Margatroid (アリス・マーガトロイド), in which she had no surname during the PC-98. ZUN states in Mystic Square that he originally based her off the Alice from Megami Tensei.[8] Also, she was called the "the girl of death". In addition, the Alice from Megami Tensei is, in turn, based off the main protagonist in Lewis Carroll's famous novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, to which the majority of enemies in Mystic Square's extra stage are card soldiers of the same type seen in the Walt Disney animated movie version of the novel. The title of the BGM used in that stage also directly translates to "Alice in Wonderland". When ZUN created the extra stage in Mystic Square, he decided to add a grimoire to her character design as a reference to a fighting game, Asura Blade: Sword of Dynasty, in which a necromancer named Alice carries one.[8] Her name also carries an image of illusion.[9]

Her surname Margatroid is derived from a real surname, Murgatroyd. It was also the name of the character Miss Murgatroyd from Agatha Christie's book A Murder is Announced and "Murgatroyd" was also a nickname for the vampire in Kim Newman's Anno Dracula. On a more interesting note, in a BBC Radio 4 adaptation was first broadcast on 9 August 1999, a girl name Alice Arnold was responsible for Miss Murgatroyd role. The middle dot () in the middle of her name is used in foreign names to show where the next word begins.


Alice was first seen in Mystic Square wearing a pink/white dress with a blue apron and a matching headband with a ribbon on the side. Her eyes were gold, her hair is blonde, and she wears white socks. In the Extra stage of the same game, she appears to be carrying a large black book that's called the "Grimoire of Alice".

In appearance, she has blonde hair and has pale skin, and at one glance she has the appearance of a doll (which is unusual among Touhou characters).[2] Her height is "fairly tall",[10] and the colour of her eyes changes with each work.

By the time she was next seen in Perfect Cherry Blossom, she had dark blue eyes and short blonde hair with what appears to be a red band in her hair. She wears a light blue dress with long white sleeves and a long pink ribbon going round her neck and another one round her waist. Also, she appears to be wearing socks and has a black book, possibly the same one from Mystic Square.

As it gets to Immaterial and Missing Power, her eyes were a very dark green and nearly black. Her book appears to be wrapped up in a red ribbon and there appears to have thin string going round her left arm. She is also seen wearing black boots. In Imperishable Night she has orange eyes and is shown to be wearing socks. In both Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Touhou Hisoutensoku, her eyes are a lighter shade of green and she once again wears black boots.


Alice in Mystic Square Stage 3
Alice as she first appeared Mystic Square Stage 3
Alice in Mystic Square Extra Stage
Alice as she appeared Mystic Square Extra Stage


Mystic Square

Alice first appeared in Mystic Square. On stage three as the "Girl of Death", she showed up as a magician who looks quite young, who confronted the heroine invading into a town within Makai with the help of her living dolls (or fairies) while using a barrier. In fact, she was the first boss the heroine met after entering Makai.

On the Extra stage, she appeared as "Alice of the Land of Magic" and fought with five colours: red, blue, purple, yellow, and green, as well as having nine phases in her danmaku, with her sixth and ninth ones being the more notable among them.

Reimu Arc

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Marisa Arc

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Mima Arc

<Insert Summary>

Yuuka Arc

<Insert Summary>

Perfect Cherry Blossom

In Perfect Cherry Blossom, she did not have any special reason to fight the heorine, and it was only because she was there by chance that she became a magic opponent.

Reimu Arc

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Marisa Arc

<Insert summary>

Sakuya Arc

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Imperishable Night

Imperishable Night Story Magic Team Scenario

Subterranean Animism

Subterranean Animism Marisa and Alice Scenario


Immaterial and Missing Power

Immaterial and Missing Power Alice's Scenario

Shoot the Bullet

In Shoot the Bullet, Aya Shameimaru encountered Alice on stage 2 and took photos of her danmaku.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Alice's Scenario

Touhou Hisoutensoku

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Touhou Hisoutensoku Cirno Arc

In Touhou Hisoutensoku she creates a giant doll, called the Goliath Doll, and was experimenting it. Marisa Kirisame notices a figure in the Forest of Magic and tells Cirno about it. Alice is then and tests it in battle against Cirno, who thinks the giant doll is Daidarabotchi.

Meiling Arc

Alice doesn't actually appear here, to which is in fact a pseudo-Alice who was sent by the Giant Catfish to Assassinate Hong Meiling in her dreams, but was defeated.

Hopeless Masquerade

Alice made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Human Village stage. She is seen at the far right-hand side of the screen standing around.


Marisa Kirisame

Marisa Kirisame is a fellow magician of the Forest of Magic. They were partners in Imperishable Night, and she was supporting Marisa in Subterranean Animism. Within the PC-98 canon, Alice met Marisa and that they fought during the events of Mystic Square, but the dialogues leaves open that they may've known each other earlier than that. They also fought each other in Perfect Cherry Blossom. It isn't official that Marisa has ever stolen anything from Alice.

In Imperishable Night, they've teamed up as a "bad relationship" combination. At that time the reason why Alice called out Marisa with her voice for this reason (incident resolution), is that it's only because they've become used to it. In the bad ending, while Marisa worked over the secret measures of the lunarians, but since Alice, by her side, was tired she chose to sleep first. By the time of the events of Subterranean Animism, Alice sent Marisa to the Underworld saying that it was a "onsen-enjoyment game". Compared to the time of Imperishable Night they've had softer conversations, which can be seen as that their relationship has improved.

She seems to have a love hate relationship of sorts with Marisa, with the two often insulting and fighting each other, yet teaming up on several occasions. For all the bickering the two go through, they seem to be close friends, as Alice once recommended Marisa's shop to the Three Fairies of Light when they needed some youkai extermination, and is comfortable enough with Marisa that in Imperishable Night's bad ending; when tired, she has no qualms with sleeping over at Marisa's house by Marisa's side.


Shanghai and Hourai are the two most well-known dolls (or types of doll) used by Alice. The Goliath Doll is another doll created by Alice, which appears to still be in the testing stages and is thought to be her strongest doll.

Minor Relationships

Three Fairies of Light

in Strange and Bright Nature Deity, she provided help as inviting the Three Fairies of Light to her home and providing tea and cake. She told them, "if you got lost, then stay here until the snow goes away," brought some hot red tea, inquired if the room was cold, and also said "well, you should have gotten pretty cold walking outside, so you should just relax and warm up." However, afterwards, when Sunny Milk, in some random saying, said something which suggested of stealing the Grimoire, she became very angry.

Eirin Yagokoro

Alice purchases the Butterfly Dream Pill from Eirin.



Spell Cards

Additional Information

  • Alice apareceu na capa de Mystic Square com um gato.
  • Alice apareceu no fundo da sala de música de Perfect Cherry Blossom.
  • Se tornou conhecida por "Marionetista de Sete Cores" ou "Marionetista Arco-Íris"", Alice aparentemente acredita em uma correlação entre cor e nível de poder. Durante um diálogo com Reimu Hakurei em Perfect Cherry Blossom, she asserts Reimu's powers are only equal to 28.5714% (or 2/7) of her own powers, due to Reimu's outfit only consisting of two colors. This appears to be a recurring theme in Perfect Cherry Blossom, as Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo and Chen are all named after colors and have relative power levels equivalent to their colors' place on the visual spectrum. This, however, has not been referenced in recent games.
  • Alice's alternate palette from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody resembles Hina-Ichigo, a doll from the manga series Rozen Maiden. In Touhou Hisoutensoku, she has palettes resembling the other Rozen Maiden dolls: Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Suigintou, Shinku, Kanaria, and Kirakishou. Add the fact that, in Rozen Maiden, the aforementioned dolls are battling for the title of "Alice", the perfect doll.
  • Alice is one of the two in the whole series who appears 3 times in a single stage: Twice as a midboss and the third as the actual boss of stage 3 in Perfect Cherry Blossom. The other is Seiran in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.
  • Alice seems to have connexions with Dolls in Pseudo Paradise. One involves how one of the honest men died from being "nailed to a tree" despite being inside, which relates to Alice's article in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red about her nailing straw effigies to trees. Others include how the men stumble upon a "Western-style building deep within the forest" and how the culprit was a "beautiful blonde girl".
  • Alice has been a recurring customer of Eirin's, coming to see her to buy a medicine she developed called the Butterfly Dream Pill.[11] The medicine guarantees its imbiber to have pleasant dreams once they fall asleep, and was even featured in an article in Aya's newspaper. The reason for purchasing this medicine or even what kinds of dreams Alice is trying to have were never revealed, but instead are left purely to speculation. However, this might be a reference to "Alice in Wonderland", from which the concept of her character is derived.
  • Yuki and Mai's second attack in Samidare looks very similar to Alice's second attack in the Extra Stage of Mystic Square.


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