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This template is used for articles about people. e.g. ZUN and alphes.

Use this and fill out the sections.

{{Person Info
| nameJp       = Name in Japanese (This one is optional, so if the name is only known in English, leave this blank)
| nameEn       = Name in English
| other_name   = Known to be called in other name e.g. ZUN (optional)
| image        = Image of the person (optional)
| caption      = What the image is e.g. Jun'ya Ota in his interview with "The Net Star"
| charTitle    = If the person has his/her own title e.g. Hakurei Kannushi (optional)
| born         = See
| location     = Where is this person's residence?
| gender       = Male or Female.
| notable_from = e.g. the Touhou Project
| circle       = e.g. Team Shanghai Alice
| occupation   = e.g. Game Producer, Music Composer
| MusicThemes  = A theme the person has created for themselves e.g. Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures (Changeability of Strange Dream)
| art_ex       = Example of art the artist can produce. (optional)
| music_ex     = Example of music the artist can produce. (optional)
| website      = authors website(s)